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Ramadhin: SRD 4.6 million more for kidney dialysis

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In order to ensure care, the cost of renal dialysis had to be adjusted. Amar Ramadhin, the health minister, argues why the state is concerned about kidney dialysis. The government doesn’t turn away anyone who require dialysis. More than 900 dialysis patients are affected. The State is required to pay an additional SRD 4.6 million each month as a result of the rate hike. An extensive information effort will be run to work preventively. There were 15 kidney transplants that were successful last year. This year, kidney transplants are also scheduled.

Dialysis is required 12 times per month for an individual. 150 treatments are required for this each year. 15×150 treatments are prevented with kidney transplantation. According to the minister in an interview with the media, the savings do not exceed the medication that patients still need to obtain. Not having to endure dialysis 12 times a month is also a huge comfort for those who have had kidney transplants.

The kidney transplants were carried out in conjunction with the Amsterdam University Medical Center at the Academic Hospital Paramaribo. This is a highlight since a joint Surinamese Dutch specialized team successfully completed the tasks, in addition to the fact that these patients no longer require dialysis. Additionally, more missions will be completed in this situation.

The dialysis rate has changed three times since November 2020. The rate of reimbursement for insurers is higher. Because imports are tied to essential dialysis components (artificial kidney, consumables, rinse fluid), the modification is unavoidable. Apart from the fact that dialysis is extremely expensive, no one wants to undergo dialysis because of the suffering and restrictions that it brings, as well as the fact that it shortens the lives of many people.

Additionally, some kidney patients have private insurance. There is a cap of SRD 60,000, though. The State will take up the additional care through the State Health Fund once this cap is reached. The minister states that kidney patients who are unable to receive dialysis will pass away. Because of this, the State makes sure everyone is treated fairly. The cost is considerable. To stop the rise in renal failure, there would be coordination with the entire sector about extensive information.

The Suriname Hearts program, which aims to enhance blood pressure and sugar regulation (of the insured) through the GP, has also begun in the meantime. Risk factors for kidney disease include high blood pressure, diabetes, a sedentary lifestyle, being overweight, and excessive consumption of hazardous substances including sugar, alcohol, salt, narcotics, nicotine, and sweet and salty spices.








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