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Ramadhin responds to Jones’ “simple nonsense”

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On Tuesday, Assembly Member Ebu Jones (NDP) made claims that some people have still not received payment for work they did during the Covid epidemic. Health Minister Amar Ramadhin called these claims “utter nonsense.” After the minister’s remarks, a tense situation developed. Vice President Ronnie Brunswijk declared that the administration is a guest in parliament following a suspension. The minister will structure his or her words differently because of the lack of experience in his or her field.

Ramadhin retracted his statement, pointing out that Jones lacks knowledge. He talked about rubbish because he said so much empty words, the minister claimed. The Mungra Medical Center nurses have been paid in full through March 2022, according to the ministry. Covid care has been introduced into standard care as of April 1. It is a very serious accusation, according to Ramadhin, that he would refuse to pay the people who labored.

Jones had mentioned that some people were still awaiting payment. The minister clarified that this only affects a limited number of part-timers who must still be compensated for additional services rendered over the next two months. The payment was not made since their legal situation was unregulated. These individuals work in technical healthcare. Ramadhin claims that a mosquito can be transformed into an elephant. The minister declared, “It is complete rubbish.

Jones claims that the amount is not two but rather five months past due. Even if it were a small group, he claimed, everyone had a right to their money. Jones claimed that despite twice discussing this issue with the minister, it has not yet been rectified. He said that while things are really difficult for the average person, millions get released over night for things like business vacations and other things.





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