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Ramadhin denies shutting down Wanica Hospital

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Rust teruggekeerd binnen Esther Stichting

Minister Uraiqit Ramsaran van Sociale Zaken en Volkshuisvesting (Sozavo) heeft onlangs een bezoek gebracht aan de Esther Stichting. Dit bezoek was naar aanleiding van berichten van onrust bij bewoners...

The Wanica Regional Hospital is intended to be closed, according to reports that Assemblyman Melvin Bouva (NDP) brought up in the National Assembly on Tuesday. The staff and I have already started talking about this. Dismantling the hospital is planned. When the personnel received their January salary on Monday, February 6, this was discussed. Amar Ramadhin, the minister of health, tells the media that it is a “gross lie” when pressed for comment. The minister thinks Bouva intends to agitate society.

When the media asks Bouva for more information, he replies that he has knowledge about the hospital’s closing. He learned about it through the app, which is why he brought it up in the National Assembly. Bouva said that the Wanica Hospital will not be permitted to be demolished during the budget negotiations. Although it’s not an NDP hospital, it serves society. He urgently pleaded with the president to avoid jeopardizing the hospital’s survival like Marwina and Atjoni Hospital had done.

Ramadhin points out that Bouva made the claim without providing any support or proof. The accusation is untrue and not supported by facts, according to the minister. He stresses the necessity for hospitals to become more effective. There, discussions with the National Hospital are still going on. Four hospitals that all want to be mini-academic hospitals operate within a four-kilometer radius of each other in Paramaribo. This results in efficiency and financial waste. The topic of hospitals with specialized focus areas is continuously being discussed. There is absolutely no discussion of shutting down the Wanica Hospital, even though it needs to be reformed. When the government speaks on Thursday in the National Assembly, the minister will expand on this subject. Tuesday night, at approximately 11:20 p.m., the National Assembly’s first round came to a conclusion with a speech by Edward Belfort (ABOP).




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