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Rakesh Gajadhar Sukul both  medical and public health director of PCS

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Wegomlegging in verband met oefening Erewacht

In verband met de presentatie van de jaarbegroting, waarbij er een erewacht gevormd wordt, maakt het Korps Politie Suriname (KPS) bekend, dat er op woensdag 27 en vrijdag 29 september 2023, vooroefeni...

Rakesh Gajadhar Sukul, the director of public health, concurrently serves as the PCS’s interim medical director.  The Health Minister requests that everyone engaged provide Gajadhar Sukul their full cooperation as he performs his duties.

When questioned about this dual role, Health Minister Amar Ramadhin told the media that the hiring process for a medical director for PCS has begun.  “If the psychiatry department does not wish to make a nomination, we must, in accordance with the law, take responsibility,” the minister says.

There has been a vacancy at PCS for some time, but no one wants to fill it yet, Ramadhin says.  That is why it has been decided for this construction that the Director of Public Health will fill the position provisionally.

The minister emphasizes that the Director of Public Health is also Inspector General of Suriname.  In that capacity, he is legally responsible for the medical event.  He is not paid twice as medical director of PCS.  “It is a temporary unpaid observation.”



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