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Radiology AZP won’t accept letters of guarantee from SZF

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Beginning on Monday, December 19, the radiology department of the Academic Hospital Paramaribo (AZP) will no longer accept referral and guarantee letters from the State Health Fund (SZF). The SZF director has received this written communication from the radiologists. The Health Minister has also received a copy of the letter.

Using a consensus calculation model with a national flavor, the radiologists of the AZP calculated the rates on behalf of the National Hospital Council along with the technical committee of the SZF, the actuary of the Surinamese Association of Insurance Companies (Survam), and all private radiology clinics. According to the Radiology department, no other medical institution or field has been able to accomplish this in Zorgland Suriname. According to the agreements established, Survam has universally adopted these fees for all radiology clinics as of 1 January 2022.

You have the option to purchase these actuarially confirmed radiology rates from the AZP or the NZR with an additional discount at the cost price as of March 2022. You have assured us time and time again since March 2022 that the SZF will adhere to the revised rates with t.w.k. as of January 1, 2022. Since the process is multidisciplinary, thoroughly cleaned of impurities and inefficiencies, and partially overseen by the SZF technical experts themselves, the SZF would need “a little time” to pass this as a hammer piece. Please provide the suggested modification, the letter requests.

In the interim, SZF has already given private clinics two raises of the same actuarially verified national radiology rates, but at market rates, since March–August 2022. “By adopting this double standard, you are giving private clinics’ provision of radiological care more weight. We apologize for not being able to comprehend your viewpoint. However, if they register at one of our counters, we will respect their wishes and can help you further by referring insured people to private clinics.






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