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Pumps GOw2 operate normally

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The weekend saw a spike in traffic at the GOw2 pumping stations, which had a very limited opening schedule.

The GOw2 service stations are currently operating normally once more. It is urged that society refrain from stockpiling fuel. Moreover, unnecessary lines at gas stations need to be avoided.

Some GOw2 pumps had restricted hours over the weekend. The lines were really long. Others carrying jerry cans had visited the gas stations in addition to the cars in line. Some drivers in the more than two-hour-long line were informed that they were out of fuel.

The supply of gasoline and diesel produced by the Staatsolie refinery will restart, according to GOw2 Energy Suriname NV.

We have enough fuel on hand, and we’re working hard to get the supplies to the GOw2 service stations as rapidly as we can. It is stated that the government’s regulations targeted at the business community are closely adhered to.






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