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Public Health provides supplies to Surinamese students in Cuba

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The Surinamese students studying in Cuba have received a shipment of supplies from the Ministry of Health. It is about donating consumables to maintain these students’ safety in light of the escalating COVID-19 cases. At the embassy in Havana, these items were distributed to the students in Cuba.

When Minister Amar Ramadhin paid these students a visit in Cuba in October 2022, he described their experiences and what was required for a successful academic endeavor there. The young Surinamese students’ dedication to their studies particularly struck Ramadhin, who said that the Ministry will make every effort to support them.

According to the minister, Ramadhin has already sent the first shipment as promised and will continue. As long as it complies with the school’s health policy, the pupils will receive the required assistance.

The National Development Bank (NOB), which also ensures that students continue with their studies, has approved the continuation of the student loan program.

Gloves, surgical and FP2 masks, aprons, and hand sanitizer are all part of the donation. The ministry expresses gratitude to ambassador Wendy Paulus-Aminta and her team for providing the pupils with the essential assistance.






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