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PTC graduates hear a speech of inspiration

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Several PTC students received their diplomas on Tuesday. The college’s director, Robby Holband, stated in his speech that we must work together to complete the task. It is necessary to use the innovators to take a fresh approach to problems.

According to Joyce Williams, president of the college’s board, the students’ current competencies allow them to incorporate all new advancements into their work. The chairman stated, “Innovation aims to increase productivity and sometimes that has to be done with simple things.” “If we want to advance economically, production is essential, and given your background, you are a key link in boosting production and advancing toward higher exports.”

Gracia Ormskirk, the director of the Ministry of Education, Science, and Culture, was also present. Ormskirk remarked, “You are a full citizen and without a doubt with a PTC certificate in your pocket. It’s crucial that the pupils put their knowledge to use.




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