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Promised fuel subsidy failed to materialize

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It was indicated a few months ago that Oli Moni (Oil Money)would be launched on September 1. This fuel subsidy known as Olie Moni is to accommodate the middle class but it has not yet been materialize. Minister Albert Ramdin of Foreign Affairs, International Business and International Cooperation (BIBIS) recently said that Oli Moni is a pilot project.

There will be an inventory to see which changes need to be made to the project. He promised that more information concerning this project will be provided to society in the coming weeks. However, no further announcements have been made about this yet.

Oli Moni is fuel subsidy for the middle class. The intention is that the community would receive an amount worth a full tank of petrol per month. To be eligible for this, people would have to register. Only after selection by the government would they be eligible for subsidized fuel.

According to former policy advisor to the Ministry of Finance and Planning, Viren Ajodhia, Oli Moni would take effect from September 1. To date, this has not yet been the case, despite fuel tariffs having recently been adjusted again.

During a meeting with the press at BIBIS, Ajodhia had given an explanation of how Oli Moni should work. It was not yet clear at the time what this would cost the state. The first route would be carried out in the Commewijne district.

After the evaluation, the government will make a decision on which direction the project should take. More opportunities to accommodate the community will be looked into.










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