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Projects to electrify the domestic grid are still ongoing

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DNA tekent condoleance register ex-premier Udenhout

De voorzitter van De Nationale Assemblée (DNA), Marinus Bee MSc LL.B, heeft op 26 mei jongstleden, op het Presidentieel Paleis, het condoleance register van de heer drs Willem Alfred Udenhout getekend...

Natural Resources Minister David Abiamofo stated that initiatives to provide 1×24-hour energy in the interior will be undertaken once more in the near future. The first project, which will also bring energy to 50 communities, is currently being carried out. The cluster at Poketie, which will provide power to 16 nearby villages, including Drietabbetje, is currently in the finalization process, according to the ministry. In two months, the station will be technically delivered.

The NH minister stated that starting in May, residents will go to Botopasie, where a subsequent cluster for 9 communities will receive power. They are also working on a project to provide energy to the numerous Upper Suriname settlements. With the completion of these projects, we believe that all of Suriname’s communities will have access to 1×24-hour energy starting in 2025.



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