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Project greenhouse must boost output

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On Saturday, President Chan Santokhi visited a site in Nieuw Nickerie where a greenhouse cultivation project will get started. The greenhouses will be 8 meters by 45 meters in size. According to President Santokhi, greenhouse farming can help the agriculture industry continue to grow. Suriname needs to increase output.

Government officials in Caricom have likewise committed to increasing domestic manufacturing in order to cut their reliance on imports by 25% by 2025. “Suriname imports food worth $200 million annually, which accounts for two thirds of its total food requirements. Despite the fact that Suriname has traditionally been an agricultural nation, Santokhi claims.

According to the president, imports can be significantly decreased with programs like these that aim to boost local manufacturing, according to the Suriname Communications Service. The president claims, “With the money that is liberated, we may invest in other development projects. Ten of these greenhouses will be built in Nieuw Nickerie this year as part of a wider initiative, according to Minister Parmanand Sewdien of Agriculture, Livestock, and Fisheries (LVV).

According to Santokhi, discussions have recently taken place with experts in the Netherlands and India to help Suriname establish greenhouse farming. The Ministry of LVV is making provisions to help farmers. “Glasshouse production results in higher yields per square meter.”





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