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Prohibited economic activity near reservoir

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The Afobaka reservoir now has a designated safety zone all around it. This also indicates that it is illegal to conduct business there. The management of Staatsolie Maatschappij Suriname informed the government of the choice on Monday, May 8, during the annual general meeting (AGM).

Based on agreed coordination and boundaries, the safety zone is created. There may be no land distribution, concessions, or commercial operations here. For the aforementioned operations, any permits that have already been obtained will be cancelled. State legislation governs every aspect of this.

The formalization of this is the responsibility of Minister Dinotha Vorswijk of Land Policy and Forest Management (GBB) and the management of Staatsolie. Staatsolie is in charge of running the safety zone, and the Ministry of Justice, Police, and Defense are in charge of enforcing it.

President Chan Santokhi has stated that the administration will take all necessary steps to safeguard the dam for the sake of national security. Communication with the local populace will take place. The residents of the zone will be given alternate residences. This will be handled by Staatsolie, GBB, and Regional Development and Sport (ROS).





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