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Prices keep the local community in a bind.

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The SRD’s value in relation to other currencies has recently risen further, approaching 30 SRD. Additionally, this results in unaffordable and rapidly rising retail pricing. Currently, everyone sets their own prices, but the president has solemnly committed to taking action on this matter. The countless number of promises he broke. It is obvious that the consumer is struggling with excessive pricing and is unsure of where to obtain supplies. Prices have a stranglehold on the neighborhood, and from the way things stand right now, they won’t be breaking free for some time.

The great savior, the vice president, also leaves it at that. He first said he was sick of being helpful and then added that he was in government but wasn’t involved in making decisions. With this, the vice president has made it clear that neither he nor the situation will be fine going forward. What occurs to the community, though, if one of the parties forming the government fails? Is it not obvious that they ought to resign from the coalition and call fresh elections? What use do so many unhappy parties serve in a government? Do they bully the populace and solely consider their own interests?

Whatever the situation, it is clearly obvious that there is water on lips and that anything could go wrong at any time. You ponder how much longer the neighborhood can take this.




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