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Prices at milk plants increased by 25% on average

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The Melkcentrale Paramaribo’s (MCP) dairy product prices have increased by an average of 25%. Whole milk, semi-skimmed milk, and skimmed milk range in price from SRD 25 to SRD 27.50 per liter.

The cost of purchasing raw milk has increased to SRD 17.50 per litre, which is the cause of the increase. The cost price is increased by another SRD 1 in transportation expenses, bringing it to SRD 18.50. According to MCP director Dew Sitaram, this surge occurs when the milk suppliers raise the alarm. They have been bringing this to people’s notice for months, according to Sitaram. The dairy producers could no longer make ends meet with the previous price of SRD 14, as feed, utilities, and currency rates had all increased in price.

The MCP makes every effort to ensure that there will always be enough milk for everyone. The rise in the cost of buying raw milk must be understood in this context. Dairy cows will be introduced, according to the Communication Service Suriname, to boost productivity even further. According to Sitaram, a milk subsidy will be developed specifically for low-income households after consulting with the Ministry of Social Affairs and Housing. According to a list provided by the ministry, MCP will provide a subsidy on whole milk to help those who are socially disadvantaged. For this group, a fee of SRD 22.50 will be used.

Director Sitaram claims that the Melk Centrale is not looking to make as much money as possible. “We aim to make a small profit on our by-products to offset the costs. We can safeguard our future because of this. He says that the corporation relies on dairy farmers to supply it with milk. Currently, there are around 2 million liters of raw milk produced annually. The government aims to import 1500 dairy cows to ensure milk output. This is praised by the MCP director. He is confident that this action will eventually enhance milk output. As a result, the Milk Plant will receive more raw milk and require less milk powder imports.





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