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Press conference to discuss recent events

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The president and vice president, as well as ministers Ramdin of BIBIS, Tjong Ahin of ROM, and new minister Stanley Raghoebarsing of Finance and Planning, have just concluded a news conference in the Cabinet of the President. The country’s financial and economic status as well as the professionalization process started in the domain of the government’s and the President’s Office’s communication structures were covered during this news conference.

Mr. Stanley Raghoebarsing, the new minister of finance and planning, has extensive knowledge and expertise, therefore it is his responsibility to handle the domestic and global problems that must result in the recovery of our economy. To achieve sustainable growth and development, the economy needs to be structurally transformed and reorganized. We must make compromises as a result of the choices that result from this. There will be actions made to assist the less fortunate. A negative international reserve was assumed in 2020; as a result of the careful course chosen, it now exceeds 1 billion. The government is in the last phases of restructuring its external debt, which totals about USD 4 billion, in addition to partially repaying internal debt.

The spokespersons unit is a part of the effort to begin professionalizing the Office of the President’s internal and external communication process. As the unit’s leader, Mrs. Angela van der Kooye will oversee operations and train the spokespersons.

All of our efforts must result in our nation regaining the position it deserves, where we may live in harmony and prosperity as sisters and brothers and provide the groundwork for future generations.







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