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Presidents Santokhi and Ali discuss bridge cooperation during bilateral maintenance

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Yesterday, President Chan Santokhi and his Guyanese counterpart Irfaan Ali met in private. In order to attend a conference of heads of state where the reactivation of the Union of South American Nations (Unasur) will be discussed, both chiefs of state boarded a plane provided by the Brazilian government and departed for the southern neighbor.

President Santokhi stopped at the Cheddi Jagan International Airport yesterday after taking off from the Johan Adolf Pengel airport, where President Ali boarded the aircraft. The chiefs of state held a brief bilateral meeting with their foreign ministers before departing for Brazil.

Examples include the building of the Corantijn River bridge, collaboration in the oil and gas industry, the fishing industry, the border issue, and the export of Surinamese goods to Guyana. The dredging charge, which hinders trading, was also discussed at the maintenance.

President Ali has accepted an invitation from his Surinamese counterpart to take part in the celebrations marking 150 years of Hindu immigration to Suriname. Santokhi also personally sent his condolences in connection with the deaths of the 19 pupils who perished in the dormitory fire at Mahdia Secondary School. The leaders of state talked about measures made to assist other pupils, parents, and families. According to remarks made by President Santokhi, Suriname is ready to help out if needed.

Both heads of state have reaffirmed that the relationship between Suriname and Guyana is important. They are looking forward to a next meeting in the context of the Strategic Dialogue and Cooperation Platform (SDCP), which is aimed at strengthening mutual ties. Bilateral talks are expected to continue over the next two days.







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