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President’s Office tightens land policy

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Land transfers may be carried out directly through the notary with the issuance of a general decision, which will be drafted by the Ministry of Land Policy and Forest Management. This includes records of land transactions following family transfers. These documents have frequently remained with the civil-law notary for a long time.

Citizens will no longer be unsure about whether they can make investments in their property. The government council has discussed the topic of tightening land policy from the President’s Office. It has been approved to carry out the aforementioned transfers directly through the notary.

“All lands deprived of citizens that they have used for years or that have a settlement, due to land turnover or no official transfer, will be reversed by presidential decree,” the Office of the President writes in a press release. This concerns dozens of cases, the press release states. A list of injured parties has been approved. This should ensure that there is peace in society, that citizens who are entitled to a piece of land, especially on which they have invested for years and or want to invest, have a certain amount of security.

Interested parties may contact the Land Affairs Department of the Office of the President for all matters relating to land issues by calling 8999511, quoting their full name.





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