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“President, Vice President, shame on you,” said Pakittow

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SPA’s jongerenafdeling alarmeert over mentale gezondhe...

De Jongerenafdeling van de Surinaamse Partij van de Arbeid (SPA) maakt zich ernstig zorgen over de recente bevindingen van een Unicef-onderzoek naar de mentale gezondheid van Surinaamse adolescenten. ...

Pakittow, an activist and politician, said, “President, Vice President, you should be humiliated that individuals with disabilities have to come and ask for help. He claims it’s to make you look bad. He struggled mightily to control his tears. He gestures to a group of individuals as they exit the parliament building and head toward the office of the president, saying, “Look, they hold each other and guide each other.”

The activist thinks it is barbaric that persons with disabilities must make due with a paltry SRD 1750. He finds it difficult to comprehend and accept that the government is treating this target group in this manner.

He was astounded to see that individuals in wheelchairs and even blind persons with canes and guides walked to the National Assembly building to request an increase in their benefits, to which they are legally entitled. Pakittow tells the reporters that he finds it inconceivable that government officials would travel while there are people in Suriname in need of assistance.

Just seeing this makes me sad. He is speechless when a blind man using a megaphone explains to the group why they must take to the streets. Pakittow shakes his head in dismay as he declares that he has no idea how they will get home after that. He deems the fact that this target demographic is now required to protest a shame for Suriname.

Pakittow thinks that the current government should have started making the required arrangements for this target demographic as soon as they assumed office. These folks shouldn’t have had to take to the streets to demand inexpensive and free special transportation in the first place.

He believes that proper transportation for this target population should be provided at no cost. Additionally, they are currently being denied the chance to pursue their education because of their financial difficulties.

He continues, “We have to always be prepared for these folks.” Pakittow thinks that when you are in a particular situation, you can easily obtain money to aid others. He is the chairman of the Charity4onelife Foundation, which will look at how to assist the populace, even if it means providing food.









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