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President: The strategic security plan is updated frequently

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Recently, the first security conference was held. Regarding national security, President Chandrikapersad Santokhi addressed the public. Due to the shifting nature of security on a global, regional, and national level, the national security strategy plan is regularly revised. Based on sound evaluations, the plan includes all national targets that are both directly and indirectly relevant to safety. There are many other issues that require more explanation.

A solid investment climate is crucial, but so is a good security climate, according to Santokhi, if you have a strategic strategy to develop a nation where you want to draw investors and also want Surinamese to invest. So many of our other national objectives are dependent on security.

The plan must be further developed into sector-specific sub-plans and transformed into actionable items. The recent events on February 17 provide a useful benchmark for evaluating overall safety. There will be an independent evaluation, which has been decided after previous evaluations. According to the president, as a government, we aspire to have a strong legal system, a stable security environment, robust security institutions, and an effective national security strategy.




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