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President: Suriname isn’t on any grey or black lists

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Suriname did not wind up on the Caribbean Financial Action Task Force’s blacklist or greylist (CFATF). However, the nation is not there yet. The nation has 16 months to fix any problems that aren’t currently in order. Nationwide cooperation and cooperation are needed for this. To avoid entering the danger zone, you must exert a lot of effort. On Thursday, President Chan Santokhi clarified this in front of the National Assembly.

At the 55th CFATF plenary conference in the Cayman Islands, the nation dispatched a sizable delegation to be represented. Ministers Kenneth Amoksi of Justice & Police and Albert Ramdin of Foreign Affairs, International Business, and International Cooperation served as the delegation’s leaders. There were several technicians there. The president stated that there were numerous questions raised during the meeting that required an explanation.

With one exception, the Mutual Evaluation Report was discussed and approved. Regarding terrorist financing, there are still questions that have been answered. The member nations, who will state their positions, are still debating this matter. Early in 2019, the formal report will be made public. Suriname has been added to the Financial Action Task Force’s International Cooperation Review Group’s Enhanced Follow-up Procedure (FATF-ICRG). Suriname must address the legislation and take all necessary steps to adhere to FATF standards while being supervised by this organization.

A steering committee headed by the president and vice president, various ministers, and a group of technical specialists has been established by the government. The suggestions submitted will be discussed the following week. To meet the standards, you’ll need to put in a lot of effort. In order to keep things in order, there will be strict supervision. We must cooperate in order to successfully resolve this issue because it involves the national interests.






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