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President Santokhi receives representative of South Korean

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President Santokhi betreurt Matawairamp bij 48ste Onafhankel...

Bij de viering van 48 jaar Staatkundige Onafhankelijkheid heeft President Chandrikapersad Santokhi stilgestaan bij de tragedie in Matawai, waar vijftien jongemannen eerder deze week het leven lieten. ...

President Santokhi had a meeting with Mr. Jang Seong-Min. He is the special representative of the South Korean president, and is tasked with promoting the importance South Korea attaches to good relations with Suriname.

Suriname has maintained diplomatic relations with South Korea since November 1975, which can be called fruitful. President Santokhi told the special envoy that he would like to see cooperation with Suriname and CARICOM once again picked up and intensified. He mentioned areas of focus, such as access to climate finance and other challenges facing the region.

President Santokhi has also expresse his displeasure with the production and broadcast of the film “Suriname”, in which our country is portrayed negatively and the image of Suriname is damaged. In addition, the envoy was asked to express our gratitude to the President of South Korea for the donation related to the flooding in the interior. The president then expressed the hope that South Korea will respond positively to the Official Development Assistance (ODA) grant application. Suriname also plans to submit project proposals to South Korea, in the year 2023, within the framework of the ODA program.




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