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President Santokhi receives Indian Idols

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President Chandrikapersad Santokhi received the Indian Idols on Friday, November 4, 2022. He warmly welcomed the delegation to the beautiful country of Suriname, which is a small reflection of India, given the Indian diaspora in Suriname, the language, food and music that bind both countries.

The president congratulated 3the idols on the success achieved. He stated that he himself is a fan of Indian classical music and that he has watched a few shows. He also expressed the hope that the existing Surinamese-Indian song will be played and that Surinamese music will be taken to India, to show what the Indian diaspora is doing in Suriname.

President Santokhi said he was proud of the idols. That they inspire people with their talent and passion for music. They were invited by the president to listen to some of our music, bring it back to India, and let people listen to what the Indian diaspora is doing in Suriname when it comes to music. Enjoy Suriname,” the president said.




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