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President Santokhi receives a courtesy visit from the Dutch Supreme Court

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The senior members of the Dutch judiciary visited President Santokhi on Wednesday, November 23, 2022. Iwan Rasoelbaks, the president of the court, Kenneth Amoksi, the minister of justice and police, and Henk van der Zwan, the ambassador, all took part in this visit.

The highest court in the Netherlands for civil, criminal, and tax issues is the Supreme Court of the Netherlands. The Supreme Court examines a lower court’s decision to determine whether the law was appropriately applied and the procedure was followed. For future developments, it is crucial to stay in touch. to exchange knowledge and expertise, and, if required, to deepen it together.

A letter of intent was finally signed by the Court of Justice and the Supreme Court. President de Groot expressed his strong agreement and that the Supreme Court would keep assisting Suriname with its knowledge.




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