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President Santokhi Installs Wood Sector Task Force

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President Santokhi gisteren in Brazilië aangekomen

President Chandrikapersad Santokhi is gistermiddag in de Braziliaanse hoofdstad Brasilia gearriveerd. In Brasilia wordt vandaag 'The Meeting of the Presidents of the Countries of South Amerika' gehoud...

President Chandrikapersaud Santokhi said that it is in our interest to protect and preserve our forest in order to ensure our carbon negative status. This is because we have to earn money from it. Our wood production and the processing needs to be boosted in order to increase revenues. A presidential task force was established by the head of state on September 6, 2022 to form policies and opinions. This in view of organizing the timber sector and making optimum use of the opportunities offered by the sector.

The committee will consider, among other things, the partial or even complete cessation of round wood exports. The working group has been set up to develop policy for the sector within three months. Preserving the forest is crucial for the government as it wants to generate carbon credits to earn with this. The renewed policy is intended for sustainable forest management and combating illegal logging.

With the cessation of round wood exports, the president sees more of an incentive for more local production, employment and an increase in income for entrepreneurs. The task force is chaired by Pretab Bissumbhar and will have to provide the government with advice on issuance or renewal of concessions.



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