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President Santokhi installs Business and Government working group

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In order to help the administration implement its plans more quickly, President Chan Santokhi established the Business and Government Working Group earlier this month. The working group was established, according to the media, for a duration of six months.

The working group’s task is to directly include business leaders in government policy in a variety of areas, including security policy, the IMF program, entrepreneurship, production sectors, and the execution of the government’s social program.

A sub-working group made up of 11 alternate members and 25 members from both business and government makes up this working group. A cluster team of ministers responsible for economic affairs, entrepreneurship and technological innovation, labor, employment, and youth affairs, finance and planning, social affairs and housing, home affairs, justice and police, and agriculture, livestock, and fisheries will oversee the group’s activities. The Minister of Economic Affairs, Enterprise, and Technical Innovation will serve as the cluster team’s chairman.

The working group’s duty is to locate bottlenecks and provide models for potential solutions. They will put the suggested fixes into action with the ministerial cluster team. The president and the cluster team of ministers will attend their once-monthly meetings.

The logistical and administrative support for this working group is provided by the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Enterprise, and Technical Innovation. The working group will function without compensation, as per the resolution.






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