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President Santokhi calls on Wanica actors for closer cooperation.

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In order to expose bottlenecks in the implementation of community projects in Wanica district, several officials were heard by President Chandrikapersad Santokhi. The head of state received the actors at his cabinet.

The meeting was held to devise solutions for eliminating obstruction in the execution of government work, at the district level. In addition to district councilors, parliamentarians and district commissioners from Wanica also participated in this meeting.

The head of state gave concrete instructions for solving the bottleneck and their origin. He emphasized that parties should establish closer cooperation in order to carry out the work effectively and efficiently. The head of state mentioned that Collaboration costs no money.

The head of state has pointed out that the project management team of the Nickerie district has proven its worth by carrying out projects within a very short time. The other districts will follow in this year, the head of government assures.






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