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President Santokhi and Murmu have discussion with IRIS

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The Interreligious Council in Suriname (IRIS) has been a crucial ally of the administration in promoting peace and harmony ever since it was founded. The IRIS works to foster nationalism and increase tolerance among various religious groupings. The IRIS has been a key conversation partner for the government during the earliest discussions for an organized national discourse.

Today, the IRIS was met by President Chan Santokhi and his Indian counterpart Droupadi Murmu. The Surinamese Islamic Association, the Madjlies Moesliemien Suriname, the Sanatan Dharm Maha Sabha, the Arya Dewaker Suriname Association, and the R.K. Diocese of Paramaribo are just a few of the religious institutions represented by the IRIS.

The fact that the Surinamese Interreligious Council members could fit in a quick conversation with President Murmu makes President Santokhi happy. He stressed the value of Suriname’s religious variety, which includes groups from Lebanon, Europe, India, Africa, Indonesia, and other countries, each with their own distinct religions and traditions. Santokhi referred to Suriname as a special case in the world where so many different religions can live and be practiced in harmony.

Santokhi values the important role that religious authorities play in upholding multiethnic society and fostering peace. He calls the IRIS an incredibly significant organization and appreciates it. The president is certain that the IRIS can offer insightful recommendations to restore standards and values and to address issues.

President Murmu emphasizes that Suriname is an example of cultural fusion. She is impressed by the unity and diversity in society and takes the love she has experienced as a message to India. She emphasizes the importance of a strong and cohesive society amidst the complexity and challenging issues in the world.








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