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President Santokhi:  A New approach enables platform to accomplished work faster.

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A new work plan from the rice sector platform for 2022-2023 was handed over to President Chan Santokhi on Friday. The chairman Soedeschchand Jairam give a brief explanation of how it was initiated.  It includes activities that must be carried out in the short, medium and long term in order to eliminate the bottlenecks in the sector. It has been pointed out by the chairman that there is a number of  short-term activities, the so-called ‘low hanging fruits’, are already in progress, but number one priority is the support from the president which is needed on a number of points. 

The work plan was handed over along with two letters requesting for 100 percent duty-free imports of inputs for the agricultural sector and the request for additional stakeholders to be added to the platform. The president indicated in his speech that he has been asked on many occasions by the media concerning the results of working groups that he has installed. He is happy that this platform has accomplished within the past four to five months  exactly what it is supposed to do.

The head of state is proud that the results is in a work plan that clearly states what will be done and that it specifically indicates where support is needed. He said that that is how it should be done. With regard to the reinforcement of the multi-stakeholder platform, he indicated that it will already be a fact tomorrow. The necessary letters will be prepared.

The president congratulated the chairman and the members and said that the society can now see that work has actually been done and that results are possible within a short period of time. The President said that with a new approach the platform has accomplished the work in a shorter time.

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