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President Santokhi visits IDB Vice President Richard Martinez

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On Friday, November 11, 2022, President Chandrikapersad Santokhi received a visit from Richard Martinez, Vice President of the International Development Bank (IDB). The head of state stated that one of Suriname’s partners in the process of our economy’s revival is the IDB.

The IDB is lending support to the social safety net initiative. The Fernandes Bakery and the Kuldipsing harbor are two instances of how the private sector has used IDB assistance. To make sure that the proper decisions are made, the IMF and the IDB regularly consult.

Additionally, contracts have been inked. The economy will profit from the availability of, say, USD 150 million. This year, a 50 million dollar loan will be approved to increase the Ministry of Finance and Planning’s capacity. The prudent approach taken by the Santokhi-Brunswijk administration, according to President Santokhi, has restored confidence and institutions like the IDB want to support us as a result.





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