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President relaxes parastatal companies’ requirements for ministers

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Minister Parmanand Sewdien van Landbouw, Veeteelt en Visserij (LVV) bracht afgelopen weekend een bezoek aan de Arawarasluis in het Boven-Nickerie/Wayambogebied. Door een gebrek aan onderhoud gedurende...

The administration is getting ready for its second term in office. According to President Chandrikapersad Santokhi, the nation experienced a total financial collapse. We began our recovery and reconstruction efforts there, both with the nation and the parastatal businesses. Santokhi claims to have interacted with every parastatal company directly. “Now I’ve made a small adjustment for the ministers. Except for Staatsolie, they were all in fact bankrupt, according to the head of state.

The serious financial crisis in the country is now fully under control, according to the president. The various debts have been rearranged, giving the country some breathing space. “Even then you have to pay certain debts, you cannot escape that”. In the story of the IMF, all subsidies should also be phased out. According to the president, that has already happened, including at the EBS. That will be noticed in the coming weeks.

According to him, the people are looked at in every performance, because the people’s breathing space is limited. The legal position and salaries of the directors of parastatal companies that earn thousands of US dollars should also be considered, Santokhi said.




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