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President installs working group to solve housing shortage in a sustainable way

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The National Housing Program Phase 1 2022-2025 must solve the housing shortage in Suriname in a sustainable way. The general objectives of the program are an adequate and affordable house and living environment for every Surinamese family and development of the community. President Chan Santokhi installed the project office and working group for the national program in the Office of the President on Saturday.

Project manager Mark Rommy has indicated in conversation with the Suriname Communications Service that the land will be made ready for construction and housing. “In accordance with the Multi-Year Development Plan (MOP), the government will build 2000 homes within two years. We will also make the areas of people who have received a land grant accessible,” says Rommy.

He notes that the credit facilities will also be addressed. This so that every citizen can qualify for a cheap credit facility. The Santokhi government aims to give every Surinamese a fair chance to develop.

A cluster of ministries will be actively involved in making the program successful. For example, the Ministry of Land Policy and Forestry must identify sites and make them available for the housing programme. The Department of Public Works will be responsible for issuing allotment and building permits. The service providers NV Energiebedrijven Suriname (EBS) and NV Surinaamsche Waterleiding Maatschappij (SWM), which fall under the Ministry of Natural Resources, will provide electricity and water. The Ministry of Social Affairs will play a crucial role in coordinating registration and pre-screening.

There are still a number of departments that will be charged with specific tasks. Support will be needed from parliament, the business community and the Surinamese Bankers Association (SBV).







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