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President has returned to Suriname

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Buurman vindt levenloos lichaam in trens

Een buurman ontdekte het levenloze lichaam van zijn buurman in een trens voor zijn huis aan de Skoeriweg in Nickerie. Nadat hij de politie van Corantijn had ingeschakeld, arriveerden de autoriteiten t...

On Thursday night, President Chan Santokhi arrived home from Barbados. He attended the seventh meeting of the Caricom-Cuba summit in his capacity as Caricom chairman. He presided over the summit’s opening and the 50th reunion of Cuba and Caricom.

According to Santokhi, the cooperation has endured for five decades despite constantly shifting political, social, economic, and environmental settings. The leaders of the CARICOM nations stand in solidarity with Cuba and regard it as a vital ally in resolving regional problems.

According to the Suriname Communications Service, it has been decided that a significant number of activities would be developed in the relationship with Cuba in the upcoming term. Cuba and Caricom will increase current cooperation and broaden its spheres of influence.

The adoption of a declaration by the summit, which represents a political commitment, is regarded as a major accomplishment.






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