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President: Following a round of recent discussions

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On his return to Suriname today, President Chan Santokhi will hold a number of conversations. Additionally, the board of the Surinamese Police Association will convene (SPB).

President Santokhi responded to the media’s question by saying that the government closely watches the circumstances behind the SPB’s decisions and is kept fully informed. The government stresses that peace and order will be maintained and that the leadership of the Police Corps and the SPB also has a responsibility to complete.

The SPB will start operating on Tuesday. The police have been drawn to the Assembly building for the past two days. Later in the day, the SPB convenes at the Assembly Building. The Association for the Legal Position of the Military has also lent support to the police union’s fight.

The purpose of the case is to overturn Raoul Hellings and Sergio Gentle’s dismissals as senior officials. The SPB has been told by acting president Ronnie Brunswijk that the president should be consulted about this matter because the president has approved the resolution.






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