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President emphasizes friendship with Brazil

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On the occasion of 200 years of Brazil’s independence, President Chan Santokhi reflects on the lasting relationship with its southern neighbour. “Suriname and Brazil share similar values, defending international institutions, rules and norms, promoting national interests and defending territorial integrity and sovereignty.” The head of state said this on Tuesday on the occasion of Brazil’s independence celebration. He pointed to the friendly relations and positive cooperation in various fields since Suriname’s independence in 1975. The festive commemoration took place at the residence of the Brazilian ambassador Raphael Azeredo.

President Santokhi noted that 2 century represents an enormous number of experiences, challenges, failures and successes in creating the Brazil we know today. Brazil, the largest free, democratic and prosperous nation on our continent, has a strong and vital role to play in our region. Brazil’s rise to regional power, with global influence and ambition, is still evident in Brazil’s adherence to ideals within the South-South cooperation framework. President Santokhi added that Brazil’s contribution to South-South cooperation is also commendable, as it contributes to sustainable development, including the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals.

According to the president, a highlight in the relationship between Suriname and Brazil is without doubt the visit of President Jaïr Bolsonaro to Suriname in January this year. Important items regarding the cooperation between the two countries were on the agenda. There was discussion about strengthening defense and security through strategic cooperation. “Regional stability will play a key role in ensuring that investors continue to come to our region and feel welcome in a safe, stable and friendly place, with good neighborly relations.” President Santokhi expressed his appreciation for the excellent successes of the technical cooperation program through the Brazilian Cooperation Agency.

The head of state thanked the Brazilian government for its prompt response to the request for support – in the form of experts – to evaluate the Afobaka hydroelectric power plant. This against the background of the recent floods in Brokopondo. The Surinamese head of government also emphasized monitoring the implementation of decisions taken during previous political consultations in the areas of security, energy, infrastructure, market expansion and cultural cooperation. Finally, on behalf of the people and the government of Suriname, President Santokhi congratulated the people and the government of the Federal Republic of Brazil. At the residence of the Brazilian ambassador, a toast was made to the ideals of freedom, prosperity and well-being as well as to further intensification of bilateral relations.




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