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President desires to purchase firefighting vehicles from an Indian business

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President Chan Santokhi discussed the acquisition of cars for the Suriname Fire Brigade with the business Brijbasi Hi Tech Udyog Limited while he was in India. 15 years ago, the Indian business gave Suriname fire trucks.

When Santokhi served as this department’s minister, the cars had been given to the Justice and Police departments. According to the Suriname Communications Service, the company specializes in producing firefighting vehicles and related equipment.

Used cars can be returned to Brijbasi in a reconditioned state. The automobiles are enhanced and customized to the buyer’s specifications. It is possible to attach ladders of various heights to a trolley. The cars can be employed during earthquakes and have the ability to detect gas.

In the Indian subcontinent, the company is a pioneer in the design, production, and supply of firefighting trucks and equipment. The head of state says that because the current fleet of fire trucks is in poor condition, new ones must be purchased. Which vehicles Suriname needs for the delivery will be specified.





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