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President asks diaspora in US to commit to Suriname

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President Chan Santokhi has called on the Surinamese diaspora in the United States of America to help rebuild her country of origin. On Monday during his visit to New York, where he will attend the 77th United Nations General Assembly, he took the opportunity to address Surinamese who are overseas. Santokhi made a call for cooperation on the development of Suriname. He stated that more can be achieved with public and private collaboration. The government has made it possible for diaspora investors to invest more easily in Suriname through stock exchanges.

The head of state acknowledges that many Surinamese in the US regularly support people in Suriname and that they are willing to do more if the country is structurally better organized. He therefore also proposed to set up a working group of diaspora in New York, which could cooperate with the Diaspora Institute in Suriname via the Permanent Representation of Suriname to the UN. The Citizenship by Investment program is currently being prepared, reports the Suriname Communications Service.

President Santokhi also spoke about his recent visit to the AfriCaribbean Trade and Investment Forum in Barbados. Santokhi said that Investments, especially in our agriculture are necessary. Governments should strive to promote sustainable economic integration and cooperation for the benefit of the peoples of both regions. He further said that governments have to guarantee food safety and Suriname can guarantee this for many countries, because Suriname has land for that. But need the investment, knowledge and skills and tools of our diaspora family.

Santokhi also looked back on the achievements of his administration over the past two years. He urged his audience to take action and actually help build Suriname. In conclusion he said that the time has arrived for action. Help the country where your roots lie to come back better and stronger. Help Suriname to become the paradise it used to be. Help it become a second home for you and your family. The coalition will act in unity and with the commitment of all compatriots, including Surinamese in the diaspora, work together on the process of reconstruction and prosperity of the country.




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