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President: “A reorganization is planned”

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According to President Chandrikapersad Santokhi, a reorganization is planned but will be carefully executed. The chief of state claims that reorganization in parastatal businesses is also preferable. Performance and evaluations are taken into consideration while evaluating the government team. In Nickerie yesterday, the president advised that, if there are ministries where things do need to be improved, try to fortify yourself by examining the ministry’s structure and bringing in more experience.

A start has already been made with regard to parastatal companies. “Management needs to be strengthened there too. The companies must present a cost-cutting plan. The final plan for the second half has been obtained, fully detailed for sectors and ministries. There will be a monitoring team from society to check that people are performing together with the government. All ministries are important, but it should be taken into account that there are priority matters in the second half. We have had the consultation of the national dialogue and society itself has presented 6 policy areas that they want attention for. These are safety, education, health, the manufacturing sector, exchange rate control and price control. We are also taking these things with us to invest as much as possible in employment,” said the president.

The Vice President will also be assigned a few policy areas. He already has gold sector regulations and material for all claims for damages against the state, which he will coordinate with lawyers. The ministers are also assigned responsibilities in a cluster context. The president said that individually ministers must carry out their normal policies as stated in the budget.




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