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Pontbuiten’s gravel roads were first paved by OW

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At the Frederikaweg, work has begun to pave the dirt roads in the Pontbuiten neighborhood. In the vacation resort of Pontbuiten, the Ministry of Public Works (OW) has begun paving dirt roads. Paving material for the roads is used, consisting of a blend of base course, clinker sand, and savannah sand. The project “Delivery, processing, and compaction of a mixed material on the dirt roads in the Paramaribo district” is a part of this strategy. On Tuesday, OW Minister Riad Nurmohamed approved the Frederikaweg.


Naraindath Sitaram, OW coordinator for the Paramaribo Roads department, notes that the dirt roads are difficult to pass, especially during the rainy periods.  Nurmohamed adds that local residents have often contacted the ministry about the poor state of the infrastructure in their neighborhood.  “The time has finally come that these roads will also receive maintenance,” says the minister.

Nurmohamed notes that it is now the turn of Paramaribo and Wanica.  “We try to tackle as many roads as possible.  Additional material has been released to carry out the work.”  Minister Nurmohamed speaks of a sustainable policy.  He indicates that the roads in the Beekhuizen, Latour and Livorno districts have already been tackled.  “All resorts in Paramaribo will be overhauled.”  Nurmohamed states that anyone can call on his ministry for a road approach.  He did call on local residents to maintain the road sections in front of their plot, OW reports.


The mix material is a paving material, which is of good quality for the road,” says Sitaram.  A total of 11,000 m3 of the material will be used in the resort.  The work in Paramaribo consists of two phases.  The Pontbuiten project concerns phase 1, which must be completed in mid-November, after which the second phase will start.




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