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Police personnel’ protection of high-ranking authorities must be scaled back

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Wegomlegging in verband met oefening Erewacht

In verband met de presentatie van de jaarbegroting, waarbij er een erewacht gevormd wordt, maakt het Korps Politie Suriname (KPS) bekend, dat er op woensdag 27 en vrijdag 29 september 2023, vooroefeni...

According to Minister of Justice and Police (Juspol) Kenneth Amoksi, there would be a reduction in the number of police officers assigned to guard top officials. The minister explained that this involved a group of 250 police officers, despite the fact that it was initially claimed that more than 300 police officers were engaged.

Amoksi adds that there is an urgent need to address the force’s staffing issues. The minister previously stated that he aims to hire 250 more people annually until 2025 to address these shortages. No matter how motivated the government employees are, the services cannot be delivered effectively without adequate funding.

The ministry’s leadership is already aware of the number of police officers employed by ministers, the vice president and the president. The Suriname Police Corps (KPS) has sent a letter to the minister with the request to reduce the number of police officers.

This is also currently being discussed within the government. It will be further examined how this request from the KPS can be granted. Amoksi emphasized that police officers will be continuously trained for the service.

The Security and Assistance Service Suriname is responsible for the actual security of high-ranking officials. According to the minister, there is also a shortage in this service that needs to be addressed. The supply of work is also considerably high, says the minister. Recruits are currently being trained for this service, the minister further indicates.






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