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Police leadership wants to bring number of troops to 5000

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The leadership of the Suriname Police Force (KPS) wants to increase the number of men to 5000. The intention is to eliminate the shortage within the police force. The police organization currently has approximately 2,500 officers. During a recent press conference Police Commissioner Rishi Akkal spoke about the intention of the Police Force. According to him they are working in recruiting a new batch annually.

Akkal said that they cannot always hear how colleagues complain. If they also look at the figures, they see that colleagues always have to work overtime and that is tiresome. The service provision is our indicator and so is the illness of our colleagues, he continued. Although the colleagues who work overtime may earn a little extra, they also need to rest, he said.

Strengthening the police force will take place on the basis of international standards. Work has been done and a Long-Term Policy has been drawn up for the KPS. A budget will also be reserved to provide annual training, so that the operations can be carried out to a sufficient extent.

Akkal said that they need a stable organization. That is why they have worked on several tracks within the organization. Akkal said further that if you want to guarantee operation, you need sufficient resources and men. Competence and logistics also play a role in this.

He is therefore pleased with the 100 percent realization on the budget of the KPS. Which means that we are heading in the right direction in 2023, the police commissioner indicates. The desire is that other training in personnel management will also be provided.

A working group composed of national and international experts will evaluate various training curricula and the Police Force. They will work on tailor-made and time-bound training. Not only regular courses, but also the various specialisms will be strengthened.

The corps management also wants to have an idea of who is going out or coming in. It will also be examined at what level the training must be provided. Akkal is dissatisfied with the investment in the force in the recent period.









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