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Police Chief Kensen goes into the field

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The acting chief of the Suriname Police Force (KPS), Ruben Kensen, visited police officers on Thursday who were engaged in traffic control using roadblocks to provide encouragement. For a while now, the cops have been conducting increased monitoring. On Thursday, checks were done on Nieuwweergevondenweg and Ephraimzegenweg.

The Santodorp, Latour, and De Nieuwe Grond police stations were also visited by the police officer. Two municipal councilors from the Wanica area had previously paid him a visit at his office on Duisburglaan.

Kensen also visited the supermarket annex bar-restaurant and car wash in Ephraimzegen, where an armed robbery took place on December 27.   Two spectators were shot at by criminals while they were being robbed of a mobile phone, gold jewelry, and an unspecified sum of money.

The interim police chief spoke to a few residents as well as the building’s owners. Additionally, he met with the neighborhood managers who were traveling for control work at the time with the administrative department.





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