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PL does not exclude cooperation with NDP

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Never say “never” when it comes to political cooperation. Paul Somohardjo, the chairman of the political party Pertjajah Luhur (PL), made this claim to the media. “Bouterse also declared that he would never collaborate with Brunswijk or Pertjajah prior to the 2010 elections. But in the end, we both served in the government. Somohardjo said, “We will see what the future has to offer. He said that it was crucial for you to gather seats. There has to be a continuation. He implies that they won’t wait for the NDP to take action. Who knows, maybe in the future we’ll be the ones getting to pick who we want to work with. That is also our intention. I’m not going to be hasty and say I’m never “never” working with them. What is important is how you can develop the country together. NDP people are also Surinamese”.

Abop chairman Ronnie Brunswijk has also said earlier that he is open to a possible collaboration with the NDP. The Abop and PL will work together for the elections of 2025. NDP chairman Desi Bouterse recently said on LIM FM that she cannot work together with the parties VHP and Abop. “I will not be able to explain that to the population,” said Bouterse.

“I think we have tried to put things back in order,” Somohardjo continues. The PL chairman indicates that it does not matter what changes are made to the electoral regulations. “The PL is everywhere except inland, there is the Abop and with that combination we feel particularly strong”. So far there are no comments regarding the collaboration, it will continue.

Somohardjo indicates that he does not exclude cooperation with other political parties. “We will see what the future offers us”. It is important to look at how the country can be further developed, according to Somohardjo, the color of the police is not taken into account.





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