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Pique is unconcerned about Brunswijk’s call

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Weersverwachting voor Suriname: regenbuien en onweer

De Meteorologische Dienst Suriname voorspelt voor vanavond en vannacht lokaal periodes met lichte tot matige regenbuien. Er is ook kans op onweer, vooral in het binnenland. Voor vandaag worden voornam...

This morning, there will be more demonstrations against government policy. Ronnie Brunswijk’s appeal to the populace, particularly the ABOP constituency, to refrain from taking part in the protests is unimportant to activist Siebrano Pique. The activist tells the journalists, “He is high on power. “You were still bemoaning the government’s policies and how terrible they are for the populace a few days ago. You gave the same justifications we did for our protest. People are currently exercising a democratic right to stand up, and you are urging them not to do so. Which VP type are you?”

Pique began the protests in the streets last Friday. Sending the government home is the ultimate objective, he declared. “We will, however, give them a chance if they interact with people and demonstrate some kind of ability. The least is that they actually take action in regards to the fuel prices and the exchange rate. Give them the reins. We seek an answer. There is sufficient knowledge to escape. There needs to be a substitute. If not, we’ll carry on. There will be a protracted battle. But I have a deep breath.

The activist is unconcerned with the attendance. He is sure that this demonstration will be different from past ones in that more people will show up. The predicament is become intolerable. Pique declares, “We are not going to submit petitions; that period is finished. “Our swarm is taking shape. Although it is still tiny currently, it will expand. Because people are aware that it is about all of us and not only Siebrano. The swarm forms more quickly the larger it is, thus we eliminate it more quickly. There is not a single positive comment regarding the government. Not in the unions, the Assembly, the VP, or anywhere else.”

Humans frequently request that we knot our bellies but Pique points out that they are not transparent and only apply to people. “If not, we would have preferred to do it since we would be certain they would take us somewhere worthwhile of all the sacrifices. However, there isn’t. The alliance is not cake and eggs because there is so much ignorance and lack of love.” On Sunday afternoon, Pique had to show up at the police station. He explained, “It was to help keep the actions in order.” People are aware that it is a democratic right, therefore Pique said there will be demonstrations every day starting today.





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