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Pikin Saron’s investigation is not finished yet  

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The Suriname Police Force’s Personnel Investigation Department Affairs (OPZ), under the direction of the Public Prosecution Service (OM), is conducting an investigation to see if the use of force by firearms during the arrest of these suspects (Dijksteel and Wolfjager) was justified. This information was provided to the attorneys Mr. M. Castelen, Mr. M. Dubois, and Mr. Karg on Tuesday, June 6th. This investigation is still ongoing.

The aforementioned attorneys were also made aware that an autopsy had previously been conducted by Drs. Chan, a pathologist, but that the results had not yet been received. The reason of death will be disclosed to the attorneys whenever these are obtained. Also disclosed to the attorneys is the fact that Drs. Chan possesses the knowledge base required to carry out an impartial investigation into the cause of death.

The autopsy report fully outlines the internal and/or external injuries that were found and whether there was a link between the injuries and mortality in addition to the cause of death. According to the Public Prosecution Service, a preliminary judicial inquiry (GVO) has already been requested in the aforementioned matter.






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