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Peppie: I’m willing to serve as finance minister

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According to Raynold van Els alias Peppie, Suriname cannot function without a minister of finance. The economy will not benefit from this. Peppie questions why nobody wants to be in charge of the department.

If no one else wants to be the minister, I’m willing to take over. I’m tough and capable of handling the work. You need to have balls to carry out this duty in such a situation. I want to do it once no one else is available, says Van Els.

He responded, “There are so many inexperienced and incapable people in various places in government,” when questioned if he is qualified and capable enough to execute the job. No ball is run by them. They aren’t even fluent in Dutch. Just observe the legislature. Van Els asks, “San doe mi?”

Van Els promises the public that if he is appointed minister of finance, there won’t be any more instances of fraud or corruption. He aspires for an interview invitation from the president. He says, “I have the balls, I want to do it.”

Since Armand Achaibersing’s resignation as minister of finance, Suriname has been without a minister for this division. That amounts to nearly three months.Out of the more than ten individuals on the list, the administration has not yet been successful in selecting a minister.

At the moment, the Ministers of Foreign Affairs, International Business, and International Cooperation, as well as the Ministers of Spatial Planning and the Environment, fill in for the Minister of Finance. Stanley Raghoebarsing’s name has recently come up. Under President Ronald Venetiaan, he served as Minister of Planning and Development Cooperation as well as Minister of Agriculture, Animal Husbandry, and Fisheries.









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