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PCS services to the judiciary resumed

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Yesterday a service agreement was signed by the acting attorney general Garcia Paragsingh and the general director of the Psychiatric Center Suriname (PCS), Rudi Dwarkasing. PCS will issue psychological and/or psychiatric reports for – and at the request of – the judicial authorities, including the Public Prosecution Service (OM).

Through the reports of the (judicial) experts – and experienced – reporters of the PCS, the judicial authorities, in particular the Subdistrict Court, the Court of Justice or the Public Prosecution Service, will gain some insight into the state or scope of the mental capabilities of the suspects or convicted persons, as to determine, among other things, the sentence and/or chance of recidivism.

The Public Relations Unit of the Public Prosecution Service reported that with the signing of the agreement, the services provided by PCS to judiciary have resumed.




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