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Pawiroredjo: Opinion of ex-chairman NPS not decisive

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Mr. Venetian’s calls for NPS not to abandon President Santokhi now seems to have sparked a discussion. It is known to insiders that the NPS has been seriously considering its position in the coalition internally for some time.  Several times the President of NPS Rusland, and the Assembly members Etnel criticized wrong actions and in other cases the government’s negligence.

Mr. Venetiaan also expressed similar criticism. A major obstacle for the NPS is that there is miniscule unity and unambiguity in policy. Often the VHP and ABOP regualarly allow group interests to dominate. The NPS is hardly involved in national policy, but does bear political co- for this. The NPS has been in charge in several crisis situations in the past and has always managed to drag Suriname through them. She never shirks her responsibility, but there are strict political conditions attached to it.  Partners must absolutely honor agreements and conduct coordinated management together.

The opinion of the former chairman and former president is respected and taken into account.  An analysis of his argument shows us that there are indeed major dilemmas when deciding whether or not to leave the coalition.  However, the views of the former chairman will not be decisive or guiding in the internal democratic process of the party.

The ultimate responsibility for what the party has to do further lies with the structures and with the central management, as prescribed by the statutes.

Congress will make a decision on this matter at the end of October.







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