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Parmessar reports delayed government suggestions for election regulations

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The NDP’s group leader, Rabin Parmessar, tells the media that the improvements to the election system have been delayed far too long by this administration. The Constitutional Court’s decision was made about a year ago. “The government has failed to make any proposals, which has greatly disappointed us.” The three legislation were only recently sent by the government. There are no legislative ideas on the table. Therefore, on July 4, the NDP filed an initiative law. No one will thereafter be able to claim that there is no legislation to deal with. The other political parties quickly followed suit and introduced their own-initiative laws after the NDP.

A committee of rapporteurs has now been appointed and set to work. While the work in parliament has already been set, taking into account that it is short notice, only now are the proposals submitted by the government received. Under protest, the NDP faction has proposed the national interest. “Where was the government all this time,” Parmessar wonders.

In the documents that the president has sent to the speaker of parliament, it is indicated that it has been heard by the state council, while the hearing will only be scheduled for Thursday. “Isn’t neat, what example are we setting”. The National Assembly has its own responsibility. “We are going to take this matter into our hands.” According to Parmessar, it will be done in the national interest. Priority is given to these laws, the other laws can wait a while. “We want to get this done as quickly as possible.”

The elections must be organized in a fair and transparent manner and time is short. Many things need to be put in place, especially in the interior. So there is still a lot of work to be done. “Let’s try to fix that as soon as possible,” said Parmessar.






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