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Parmessar is hesitant regarding the budget and VAT

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Rabin Parmessar, the leader of the NDP party, has reservations that the budget discussion for 2023 would be able to begin in the first half of January. According to the lawmaker, a focused therapy won’t begin until at least early February because there are still numerous alterations to be made and a lot of data to be shared with DNA. On transparency, we rely.

The acting finance minister and his staff met with the Standing Finance Committee on December 5 to discuss the 2023 budget. The budget that was filed, in Parmessar’s opinion, has been surpassed by recent events and should actually be removed and a new one made because there would be numerous adjustments.

Additionally, the topic of VAT law was covered. The text that was published in the Staatsblad does not match the statute that was actually passed. “There has been fraud, and this needs to be properly examined. This shouldn’t take place once again! Currently, VAT is not covered by law. This has to be thoroughly fixed first. We anticipate the correction for the many models that have been given, adds Parmessar.

A housekeeping meeting has been scheduled in the meantime, and one of the items on the agenda is “Election Committee of Rapporteurs for the Draft Law Amending the Value Added Tax Act 2022.” We haven’t received the proposal yet, therefore we can’t speak to its contents at this time. In any case, as we had mentioned during the treatments, the law will need to be changed in a number of ways. This is yet another example of why it is unhealthy to pass laws quickly and with a majority. Argumentative discussion is necessary!

According to Parmessar, other measures would be implemented simultaneously with the implementation of the VAT, including adjustments to the wage tax bands, efforts to address the significantly worsened purchasing power, and more. It has been quiet since the VAT Act was discussed, and it is unknown if any of the numerous promises made in this regard have been fulfilled. The NDP faction leader explains that DNA has not received any information regarding this.

The Ministry of Finance stated during the meeting on December 5 that a State Decree will be used to alter the tax brackets. Parmessar claims that this violates Article 155 of the Constitution.

1. Taxes are collected in accordance with the legislation, which governs the level of taxation, tax rates, tax exemptions, and taxpayer protections.

2. Only by virtue of the law may a privilege with regard to taxes be granted.

“Our constitution is clear that state decrees cannot be used to enact tax adjustments. We can accomplish these goals before the end of December if we all put in a lot of effort and communicate effectively. There may be a few long meeting days, but a serious discussion shouldn’t be avoided “accentuates Parmessar.








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