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Parmessar desires to take decisive action against detainee abuse

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Rabin Parmessar, the leader of the NDP party, thinks that a thorough inquiry of the abuse of prisoners in the Geyersvlijt cell house is necessary. The officer who committed the heinous deed has been let go from his position. Other police officers, such as Superintendents Raoul Hellings and Sergio Gentle, have been let go for exercising their right to free expression and taking part in lawful protests, according to Parmessar.

“Detainees have rights as well, and these rights have been scandalously abused to the point where someone had to go to the emergency room and even be admitted to the hospital. Given that this is not the first time the official has engaged in public violence, why has notice not been given?” Parmessar asks.

We should be proud of the force as an organization. The cops should be our closest allies, and there should be no place for violent extras with unstable mental states, the spokesperson said. In compliance with the relevant rules and regulations, firm action is also necessary in addition to a thorough inquiry.

The administration has not yet addressed this problem.








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